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Water Sanitation for Brighter Dawns

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Wesleyan University
  • Tasmiha Khan

Brighter Dawns

During a summer of treating diabetes in a slum in Bangladesh, Tasmiha Khan found a passion. She realized that clean water and basic safe sanitation practices would be keys to limiting disease and preventing many unnecessary deaths in the Khalishpur slum. She vowed to return to Bangladesh and do something concrete to address the problem. With her Projects for Peace grant and an additional $5,000 Dell Social Innovation Fellowship, Tasmiha did just that.

Over the summer of 2011, Tasmiha worked with a local partner, the World Peace and Cultural Foundation, to establish 15 wells, two new bathroom facilities, and 20 latrines in Ward 12 of the Khalishpur slum. She distributed 1,000 basic sanitation kits, led seminars for adults and children on safe sanitation, and hired and trained women from the local community to be community health workers to monitor the wells and latrines and to teach the importance of basic sanitary routines.

Back in the United States, Tasmiha continues to work tirelessly on behalf of the people in Khalishpur. With the support of friends, family, and fellow students, she has established the nonprofit, Brighter Dawns, created a website, formed several chapters of Brighter Dawns at other colleges and high schools, and led fundraising efforts ranging from dinners to 5K races in support of the work in Bangladesh. Through Tasmiha’s hard work and passionate dedication, hundreds of people are aware of the issues and involved
in a solution.

The World Health Organization has recognized the water situation in Bangladesh as being a significant health issue for a substantial portion of the population. Tasmiha’s ongoing efforts will bring lasting change for a population at great risk.