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Listen Witness Amplify

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Middlebury College
  • Christine McDow

Listen Witness Amplify sought to document how the legacy of school-segregation laws continues to impact communities in eastern North Carolina.

Middlebury College student Christine McDow says the voices of African American communities were not heard during the desegregation and integration processes of the civil rights movement.

The inspiration for the project came from seeing her former elementary school re-segregated. “The school choice and neighborhood school policies, as well as other mechanisms facilitating the privatization of public schools, continue to perpetuate the racial segregation of public education,” she writes.

Christine worked with a team of eight high-school students to interview 20 senior citizens who attended, taught at, or were administrators of segregated high schools. The team prepared for the interviews during a two-week course on the history of racial politics. They then shared the conversations at community events. The stories collected by Listen Witness Amplify will be placed in historical archives such as the Freeman Roundhouse Museum and the North Carolina Room Historical Archive.

“By making these stories a part of the state’s history,” Christine writes, “they will continue to build understanding and break down racial barriers among North Carolinians, making eastern North Carolina a more peaceful place for generations to come.”