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The Aspiring for More Project: Inspiring the youth of Jamestown to create and achieve life goals

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Grinnell College
  • Angela Adom Frimpong

The Aspiring for More Project: Inspiring the Youth of Jamestown to Create and Achieve Life Goals

In an area rife with Internet fraud, Angela Adom Frimpong’s project delivered a weeklong seminar for schoolchildren on setting life goals and using the Internet for positive purposes. “I had a lot of challenges with this project because of its grand scale,” Angela writes. “I worked with four schools, 140 students, eight teachers and more than 10 other facilitators.”

Angela bought and provided motivational books and three computers, plus Internet routers for each of the four schools. She also partnered with a telecom firm’s Vodafone Ghana Foundation, which provided online learning materials for the students. She arranged for the seminar to be recorded, so that students can continue to benefit from it, and she deposited funds in a bank account that schools can tap into for help in paying their Internet fees.

At the seminar, the Vodafone Ghana Foundation introduced students to Instant Schools, its initiative that provides free online learning resources. The foundation says these were “developed in conjunction with Learning Equality, a leading not-for-profit provider of open-source educational technology solutions.”

“The seminar allowed the students to think deeply about who they truly are and who they want to become, and how they can use the resources available to them to get there,” writes Angela. The experience, she adds, taught her useful lessons about leadership, communication and coordination.