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100 Women Who Will Impact Rwanda

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IH - Berkeley
  • Patricie Uwase Mavubi

100 Women Who Will Impact Rwanda

Women have been the highlight of the success story of Rwanda’s recovery from the destruction caused by the genocide that claimed approximately a million lives some 20 years ago. Patricie saw that Rwanda needs new generations of such women to keep the momentum going and designed her project to inspire younger generations of women. She organized and ran a mentoring camp for 100 young women from 20 secondary schools across the country — to foster leadership and to build further awareness of mentorship.

The selected participants, ages 12 to 18, were chosen from all five provinces of Rwanda. Patricie’s recruitment team of eight spread out across the country and through interviews sought to find girls that were self-motivated, disciplined, creative, open to new ideas, and who had the potential to make the most of the mentoring camp. The hundred selected campers became pioneers in a network which has been called “the 100 Women Who Will Impact Rwanda” and which is envisioned to take place every year.

The camp took place on the Nyarugenge campus of the University of Rwanda in Kigali, the capital. For seven intensive days, these pioneers and a range of prominent panelists held meaningful discussions on the power of a dream, the power of mentorship, career and educational opportunities, and the character of a successful person and leader. The highlight of the program was a glorious Mentoring Walk through one of Kigali’s busiest streets en route to Rwanda’s Parliament, a parliament that is recognized worldwide as having the highest percentage of women parliamentarians.