Projects for Peace: The Vision of Kathryn W. Davis

"My challenge to you is to bring about a mind-set of preparing for peace, instead of preparing for war."


These forms may be completed on your computer in Acrobat.  Please download, fill in the form fields and save a copy to your computer to avoid making changes directly to the forms on this website.

***Please ensure that the title of your Final Report matches the title of your submitted proposal.

 ***Final reports due by September 11, 2020***

Budget Form Template **All funds to be reported in US dollars

Budget Template Instructions

Proposal and Final Reporting Formatting Instructions

Final Reporting Instructions are being revised and will be posted by August 1, 2021 **All final reports with pictures are to be published on our website and not subject to further revisons or updates.***

2021 Press Release

***Participation Agreement Forms are required of all participants listed on the proposal.  Names that appear on final reports without the required form on file will be removed***

**2020 Projects for Peace confirmed for SUMMER 2021 (Participating Student)

**2020 Projects for Peace confirmed for SUMMER 2021 (Participating School)

2021 PfP Participating Student: Project Funding Agreement Form

2021 PfP Participating School: Project Funding Agreement Form

2021 Summer Deadlines

2021 Grant Program Agreement Form (fillable form)

2021 Q&A Summer

***We will continue to track the health implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and reserve the right to modify plans as appropriate.

Please note: Communication between students writing proposals for this program and the Davis UWC Scholars office is prohibited.  Please contact your on-campus Projects for Peace Liaison with all questions.  Any communication received by this office will be forwarded to the on-cmapus PfP Liaison for response.