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Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

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New York University
  • Garima Kapoor

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Garima’s project was to set up an entrepreneurship platform for rural women in India, teaching the basics of running a business, providing help in creating plans and management structures, and creating a seed fund to implement those businesses. To do so, she traveled to India to work with a rural development initiative in which the women of the villages were already divided into self-help groups. 

Garima realized it was extremely important that the ideas for a business be generated by the women themselves—thereby creating commitment to those ventures embraced by the group. Similarly, it was essential that the women gathered feedback from their peers on product development, marketing and distribution. Ideas that were generated included almond snacks, soap bars, disposable plates made of leaves, and incense sticks. Next came business plans to illustrate the often long and difficult time to reach profitability. And finally, the introduction of a seed fund so the plans could be further developed and market studies undertaken. In the end, a group of 25 women assumed responsibility for the future of the project.