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Love of Knowledge Vietnam Expansion Project

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Clark University
  • Trang Nguyen
  • Phong Nguyen

Love of Knowledge Vietnam Expansion Project

During a seven-day summer camp program in Hanoi, 44 middle schoolers produced seven educational videos, on a variety of topics, that drew over 300,000 views on social media. Working on the project built four essential skills — in critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. When a guest speaker called those the four fundamental skills of the 21st century, project leaders Nguyen Thuy Trang and Nguyen Hoang Phong saw that they aligned well with the camp’s goals, and decided to make those four skills their focus.

“We used these ‘4Cs’ to communicate our goals to parents and got an overwhelmingly positive reception,” write Phong and Trang. “We taught these skills by guiding the campers through the process of research, scripting, storyboarding, then finally creating an educational video.”

Phong and Trang named their program SPARKamp, as part of their overall Love of Knowledge (LOK) project. Topics of the campers’ videos ranged from “What Is Artificial Intelligence?” to “Why Is Sustainable Tourism Necessary?” The organizers report that 100% of comments posted on social media about the videos were positive.

After a screening for parents at the camp’s closing ceremony, all the parents said they would send their children back to SPARKamp next year. Older campers also formed a club to keep making educational materials; and, Phong and Trang write, “we are starting to plan for a second SPARKamp next year.”